SoulWorker Online teases new female character, she’s an old friend

soulworker anime english

Hangame is teasing a new SoulWorker Online update in Japan coming December 7, and apparently it will bring a new female character to join the current roster of five. We have absolutely no doubt that this character is Iris Heavenroad, more commonly known as Hammer Stol, and you can compare the teaser image with the artwork previously revealed to prove that this is indeed the case.

In fact, if you've been following Soul Worker Online since it was announced, you're certainly aware that before the game was revamped, the first trailer (you can watch it below) showcased this stunning brunette character with her massive cannon. Hopefully in a week or two we'll see the first new gameplay of the Hammer Stol.

SoulWorker is coming to North America and Europe with Gameforge, and while we haven't heard anything about the localization for a few months, we know that the studio is hard at work.



Soul Worker HammerStol


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