SoulWorker will leave you wondering ‘otter’ is on your back

SoulWorker otter backpacks

So, ‘otter' do we have here? SoulWorker Otter backpacks, that's what. Following on Fortnite's three lovely backpack pets, now it's time for our anime heroes to save the world with something clinging on their backs.

With the Primal update came the Clingy Otter that you can get at the Grutin-o-Mat. The Grutin Capsule can include items such as Clingy Otter, Grutin Paw, Grutin Feet and more. As soon as you reach level 25, you can get a capsule for 350 Grutin Gold, and you can get more gold by defeating Grutins that randomly appear in dungeons, complete daily quests that offer Grutin gold as a reward, or purchase the Grutin Gold Random Box in the in-game shop.

You can also dismantle a Fashion item that you don't want to get a Fashion Exchange Coupon. You can then use this coupon at the Grutin-o-Mat to produce the Clingy Otter, for example.

They are quite cute, aren't they?

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