SoulWorker is teasing “something evil”, and you can bet that it is

SoulWorker primal raid boss

Gameforge is teasing a new update in the official SoulWorker Facebook page, and obviously we already discovered what this creature is. And it surely is evil.

As the tease says, “Something evil is arriving” soon on SoulWorker North America and Europe. A quick look at the picture below is enough for us to learn that it is the Primal, a new raid with a colossal boss for high level players which can one-shot you unless you have a certain equipment set (a full 4-piece set of Aurite armor is recommended). You should only take on the Primal with a full 8-player party, unless you want to die over and over again. The Primal attacks with small and large tentacles and when you finish him off, you can get some very rare equipment drops.

We'll let you know when we have something more specific for this SoulWorker update.

SoulWorker primal raid boss

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