SoulWorker celebrates summer with hot costumes in a rumble vacation

SoulWorker rumble vacation summer event

Our good friends from SoulWorker really can't catch a break. Even during the Summer, when they wanted to dress their hottest swimsuits, they have to battle weird, beach-themed creatures. This is the theme of SoulWorker's Rumble Vacation, a new event starting today in Korea and running until July 25, 2018.

This event brings a few summer-themed weapons, such as a giant ice cream cone for Iris Yuma, a guitar with a cute octopus for Stella Unibell and a fish on a stick for Haru Estia. The enemies fit the theme, including some giant watermelon creatures and giant enemy crabs™. Of course, there will be rewards awaiting you in this new map.

It's unlikely that the Gameforge-published SoulWorker version gets to see this event during 2018, but I'm willing to bet we'll get it in 2019.

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