SoulWorker’s seventh character is a woman, looks like an Assassin?

We have managed to unearth more information regarding the seventh playable character to appear in SoulWorker. After yesterday's cryptic teaser, our reader Rekkuzan kindly pointed us in the direction of some older but completely official info that has slipped us by. It dates from September 21, 2018, when Lion Games talked about its future plans.

First of all, this character is definitely a woman/girl. The larger image below seems to hint at a couple of swords, giving a sort of assassin/ninja vibe.

She is described as being created with a new concept (for SoulWorker, I'm assuming): “Breaking the law of causation, an unexpected being.” Make of that whatever you will.

Sadly, this is all that is know for now, but we'll keep you posted!

Soulworker seventh character woman


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