SoulWorker’s Stella Unibel upgrade ramps up the voltage

soulworker stella unibell awakening

I missed this one when it actually happened, but I just stumbled across it and I want to make amends. Everyone's favorite loli character (in SoulWorker, at least) Stella Unibel already received her awakening skills in Korea, on February 28, 2018. She is hot on the heels of Haru Estia and Lilly Bloommerchen, two other SoulWorker heroines who already got their job upgrades.

Being a guitar fan, it's only obvious that Stella Unibel would see some kind of upgrade to her “melodic” attacks. One of Stella's new skills places a set of speakers on the ground for some heavy and devastating riffs. There is also a spin to win attack with a new sword, perfect to get rid of a crowd. But one of the most interesting skills is the one where your wolves turn into this humanoid dark spirit that is going to unleash hell on your enemies.

You can see these and more Stella Unibel awakening skills in the trailer below. This will definitely take some time to hit the North American and European versions, as Gameforge has just officially launched SoulWorker and now has to – among a lot of things – release the two missing characters, Iris Yuma and Jin Seipatsu.

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