Spellbinder class is now live in MU Legend, loves playing with knifes

Spellbinder class is now live in MU Legend

With pinpoint accuracy from Webzen, the Spellbinder class is now live in MU Legend.

The Spellbinder is the fifth class available in the game and the first one to be released after the open beta launch, which featured four classes. The Spellbinder is a support mage and uses wide-area crowd control and devastating direct hits in combat. A new dungeon, Lupa's Ancient Archive, was also released in this update, and comes with the addition of five new difficulty levels for the existing Epic dungeons.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, commented: “During testing, the Spellbinder's strength in PvP battle and its capacity to be the linchpin of any band of heroes battling their way through PvE dungeons really stood out. The Spellbinder is truly one of a kind!”

MU Legend has several events to celebrate the release of the Spellbinder class. For example, you can get reward boxes simply by creating a new character. Furthermore, the Spellbinder has its own event named The Chakram Event. You can read more about this and other events here.

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