Spellbreak is now in closed alpha on the Epic Games Store

Spellbreak alpha Epic Games

Proletariat has just ninja-released the closed alpha of Spellbreak, its spellcasting Battle Royale game on the Epic Games Store. The timing probably sucks a bit, as it is going head-to-head with Respawn's huge Apex Legends – or maybe it was because of it?

Anyway, it seems that they are being fairly generous with the closed alpha keys, so check your e-mail to see if you got one. The best thing? The NDA was lifted, which means that everyone and their 10 year old brother will be able to stream it to their 12 Twitch followers!

Jokes aside, Spellbreak is very deserving of a close look, and I've been following the game for a while to know that it brings something interesting to the genre. The combination of spells results in some surprising clashes, so go ahead and unleash your Harry Potter-ness right now.

The closed alpha of Spellbreak features solo, duo and squad (four players) modes, several classes, a redesigned HUD and new character options.

Proletariat still hasn't decided on the business model for Spellbreak.


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