Spellbreak Homecoming update adds villages and improves… er… grass

Spellbreak Homecoming update villages grass

Never underestimate the soothing power of a few blades of grass. There's nothing like walking through green pastures and finding comfort in the green grass, especially when you're shooting fireballs and freezing your rival spellcasters.

You may not remember it, but when we first revealed our Spellbreak impressions, the exciting Battle Royale game that would make Harry Potter proud, we mentioned one flaw. Or at least, one detail where the game world could be improved – too many castles. It's like everyone was a king and there were no peasants in sight. Our exact words were these:

“[…] but maybe add some monuments or villages? A cave or two? Not everyone has to be a castle lord, you know.”

Clearly, developer Proletariat listened to us – let's believe that it happened that way – and just added villages with release 26. Ruined villages, obviously, to go with the ruined castles. The villages were added in Westmar and Fort Halcyon and bring new places to strategize and hide within.

Finally, grass. I love a colorful game and the new grass definitely livens up the Spellbreak world. My eyes are extremely thankful for this addition, considering that the game already looked good and is now that little bit better.

Spellbreak Homecoming update villages grass

There are more things to this update and you can read all about it on the full patch notes.


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