Spellbreak is an upcoming Battle Royale with magic combat

Spellbreak is an upcoming Battle Royale with magic combat

If Fortnite, Gigantic and Harry Potter had a baby, that would be one thing: an absolute mess. Or maybe it could be Spellbreak, a new Battle Royale game in the works at Proletariat. This studio was founded in 2012, includes some veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, and Insomniac and its first game was the mobile MMO World Zombination.

Spellbreak looks great, somewhat reminding me of the art style of Motiga's canceled MOBA Gigantic. The maps are very detailed and don't shy when it comes to verticality, with huge fortresses where the battles can take place. The spell effects are stunning and the game is really quite a sight. Spellbreak features classes, 11 right now, based in one element from fire, stone, lightning, ice, wind, and poison. You can use combos to create even more devastating effects, for example setting a poisonous cloud on fire.

Spellbreak is in development for PC only, but the developers are considering other platforms. It is currently in pre-alpha and you can join in if you purchase the Limited Edition Founder Pack for $99, with three other packs coming soon. You can also sign up for the pre-alpha at the official website and cross your fingers. There is no word on the business model so far, it could go both ways – Spellbreak is looking like the real deal and it could pose a real threat to Fortnite Battle Royale, if it were free-to-play. Let's wait and see.

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