Spellbreak’s ‘Scouting the Storm’ update adds first support class

Spellbreak support class

The first Spellbreak update since the beginning of the closed alpha is here. Release 19: Scouting the Storm brings the first support class to this spellcasting Battle Royale game, the Scout. What, you have no clue what Spellbreak is all about? Then head over to our video gameplay preview to see just how cool this game is.

The Scout will help his teammates with his skills. With Foresight he can spot upcoming shrine locations, and Invigorate increases his and his partners' sprint speed for a few seconds. Shot Caller decreases your spell damage but increases damage from other nearby sources, while Tracking highlights the targets that you hit for you and your team. As you can see, this is clearly a team player, so on the other hand I don't see it being a favorite for solo matches.

This Spellbreak update brings other additions, such as Class Leaderboards, a few region redesigns such as the Castle Bogmore and Deadmoss areas, and you can now see your teammates next to you in the lobby. Hi guys!

If you want, there's a nice list of patch notes for you to check out.

From now on, Spellbreak is only available through the Epic Games Store, so you can burn that Spellbreak Launcher or Steam version to the ground.


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