Spellcasting PvP game Spellsworn is now free-to-play

spellsworn free to play

Just as announced late January, the spellcasting PvP game Spellsworn is now free-to-play starting today.

Swedish developer Frogsong Studios has finished the transition for their PvP arena brawler and the game is now out of Steam Early Access and into a free business model. Judging by the current reviews, this is a good game and we'll know in fact when we release our first look video. However, every good multiplayer game needs a healthy player base, and Spellsworn hopefully will attract a few more players from now on.

“We drew inspiration from the WarCraft 3 custom mod, Warlocks, taking the fighting element of the game and building the whole Spellsworn experience around it”, said Stefan Jonsson, CEO of Frogsong Studios. “It will appeal to those players who like quick skill-based fighting matches without the hassle of managing the economic side of the game. So jump into the Spellsworn arena and brawl away!”

The free-to-play launch brings new content, including three new spells and over 10 cosmetic items. A collector's edition will be available for purchase soon, and Early Access supporters will automatically get the Collector’s Edition and the Founder’s Edition, containing two additional Legendary items, exclusive to pre-launch players.

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