Star Trek Online 3D starship printing prices revealed

Star Trek Online 3D printed starships

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the pricing for the printed 3D starships made in collaboration with Mixed Dimensions. Base pricing will begin at $200, depending on size and customization options. Shipping is available in most of North America, the European Union, Australia, Brazil and several other territories. You can see the full list in the FAQ.

Here are the three versions on offer:

Collectible Version
Base Price: $350
Captains can commission one of the company’s master artists to hand-paint a premium, full-colored resin model of their starship, which includes detailed shading. Exceptional artistry and focus is placed on each individual ship.

Single Color Version
Base Price: $225
Players can order a 3D-printed model of their starship, painted in either gold, silver, bronze or black. The model is polished, finished and ready for display.

Primer Version
Base price: $200
Model painters and hobbyists can order a primed model of their favorite starship, coated in a base layer of primer and ready to be painted.

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