Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery update is now live on PC

Star Trek Online Age Discovery

The first update for the Age of Discovery expansion is now available on PC. This multi-part update for Star Trek Online is based on the popular CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery and will release on consoles at a later date.

In this update, players can live the adventures of Star Trek: Discovery through the eyes of a new playable Discovery era Starfleet Captain and taking part in a new starting experience. You can expect two new Discovery episodes for all characters, a new Task Force Operation to defend Starbase 1 and a revamped Mission Journal to help new players explore principle story arcs in the game.

In November, the next Age of Discovery update will allow Captains to join the first Featured Task Force Operation, centered around the pivotal Battle at the Binary Stars. Right after, it's time to explore the forest planet of Pahvo seen in the Discovery episode “Into the Forest I Go,” during Star Trek Online’s anniversary event early next year.

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