Star Trek Online First Contact Day celebration is coming

Star Trek Online First Contact Day

The Star Trek Online First Contact Day is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with celebrations taking place from April 2-23 and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from April 9-30. Players will embark in new adventures to celebrate the memorable day of April 5, 2063, when humans made contact with the Vulcans for the first time.

First Contact Day starts in Bozeman, Montana, as Captains travel back to mid-21st century Earth to face The Borg, who seek to alter the timeline to prevent first contact between humans and Vulcans. Lending you a hand is Seven-of-Nine, the popular character voiced by Jeri Ryan from Star Trek: Voyager and Picard.

You can also team up with four friends to build a replica of the Phoenix by scavenging the region for parts. The ultimate goal is to compete with other teams to see who is able to reach the highest altitude.

The Star Trek Online First Contact Day comes with a bundle for those who participate in the events, and a powerful Temporal Vortex Probe for players who reach 14 days of progress.


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