Star Trek Online Season 13.5 to release for PC in July

Star Trek Online Season escalation

Star Trek Online is getting an amount of new content that many new MMORPGs would kill for. A new update to Season 13 – Escalation is coming on July 18 for PC, sending players on a dangerous prison break mission to rescue General Martok, voiced by J.G. Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This new episode is called Brushfire.

The Season 13.5 update also marks the debut of the new Endeavor System, which offers captains new challenges to complete for rewards. Every few days, captains are able to participate in a new endeavor and earn rewards for completing specific tasks. This update introduces a new Ferengi Admiralty Campaign, which lets captains send ships on assignments to earn resources in support of the Ferengi Alliance.


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