Star Wars: The Old Republic is about to become more free-to-play in July

Star Wars The Old Republic free update

The harsh truth is that Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't exactly considered the fairest example of a free-to-play game. It is frequently criticized for its limitations that hinder the enjoyment for free players.

However, Electronic Arts and BioWare are about to make the game more friendly to free-to-play and preferred players (former subscribers or players who have spent money on the Cartel Market). In July, a few quality of life changes will get you a few extra perks. These changes will affect the credit cap, quickbar, Medical Probe and Quick Travel limitations.

Previously, Free-to-Play and Preferred players had a cap of 200,000 credits and 350,000 respectively. Soon, this cap will be raised to 1,000,000 credits for both models.

Quickbars were also limited to two and four for Free-to-Play and Preferred respectively. The July update will increase this number to three and five. This means that players will be able to store more mounts, abilities and mini-pets for immediate use.

Finally, Medical Probes and Quick Travel were only available to Free-to-Play and Preferred players via the Cartel Market. Soon they will be removed from the shop and made available to every player where possible.

These changes are coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in July with the update 5.10.4. A new expansion called Onslaught is coming next September.


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