Starfall Tactics pre-alpha begins today

starfall tactics NPC faction test

If you like 4X space games such as Sins of a Solar Empire, Homeworld or the upcoming Stellaris, then you'll probably find something to enjoy in the upcoming free-to-play RTS and Wargame mix Starfall Tactics. Running on Unreal Engine 4, Starfall Tactics is developed by Snowforged Entertainment and pits three factions in a war-torn galaxy: Vanguard, Eclipse and Deprived. Players “can build a unique spaceship flotilla, collect blueprints to unlock new parts and weapons and test their tactics against skilled opponents.”

The pre-alpha has just begun and you can sign up for it at the official website. The tentative launch window is Q4 2016 and a Steam release, as well in other distribution platforms, is part of the plan.


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