Feathers away: Steambirds Alliance flies into open beta today

Steambirds Alliance open beta

Steambirds Alliance is a game that defies description, but first let me tell you that it is entering open beta today. And now, let's give it a shot… [inhales deeply…] This is a 60-player co-op top-down bullet-hell RPG shooter.

Phew! It wasn't so bad. Anyway, Steambirds Alliance comes from Spry Fox, the co-designers of Realm of the Mad God, so it's understandable where the bullet-hell part comes from.

This will be a very sui generis open beta, as it will only run during weekends for a while. Download the game from Steam and the first beta starts May 24 to 26, with further betas held every weekend right into summer. Weekday betas are likely to happen, so keep an eye out for any updates.

Take a look at our Steambirds Alliance gameplay video below. It's a fun game that probably will work better as a secondary MMO.


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