Steambirds Alliance us a 60-players co-op bullet-hell shooter

Steambirds Alliance shooter

Birds on planes, eh? Spryfox is the co-developer on the acclaimed retro bullet-hell MMO Realm of the Mad God and is back with a new game. Once again a bullet-hell shooter that defies description, Steambirds Alliance pits birds against cats in a shooter where you get to unlock many different plane types.

Let's take a deep breath and label Steambirds Alliance as it should: a free-to-play massively multiplayer 60-player co-op bullet-hell shooter. Alright, you can breathe now.

You and dozens of other players will take on the feline threat, from his kitty minions to the big dog… er, I mean, big cat himself, Meowza. Expect tons of customization options, many big bosses and an old-school shmup feel to it.

The Steam Steambirds Alliance page is live as well as the official website. Closed beta is coming soon, with the PC and Mac release planned for this summer, while console versions will be coming later.


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