Stronghold: Warlords is the next castle sim RTS from Firefly Studios

Stronghold Warlords castle sim RTS Firefly

Firefly Studios is known for its real-time strategy games, mostly for the Stronghold series. Stronghold: Kingdoms is a free-to-play game and recently the studio announced Romans: Age of Caesar.

At E3 2019, a new game in the Stronghold series was announced. Stronghold: Warlords is the next castle sim game and introduces Warlords that you can recruit, train and upgrade. Each warlord brings unique perks to your castle economy.

This will be the first Stronghold game to focus on the Far East, taking you from “3rd century BC China through to the rise of the Shogunate and coming of the Mongol Empire.”

The new art style in Stronghold: Warlords is definitely colorful, finally making the transition from isometric 2D into 3D. It isn't to everyone's tastes, judging by the comments asking for a return to 2D, or worse, calling it a “mobile game”. Personally I don't have an issue with the graphics and the Stronghold series was never about that, but it's true that we are bound to expect much better in our current times.

Stronghold: Warlords launches in 2020 for PC, with the official website and Steam page already available. There is no word on the business model as of yet.


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