Superhero game League of Maidens’ Patreon is now live, pitch in to play now

League of Maidens Patreon live

The League of Maidens Patreon that I've talked about a couple of days ago is now live. If you ever wanted to support the development of this risky but exciting – pun intended – action game, then this is the time to do so.

The League of Maidens Patreon is at the time of writing sitting at an impressive $10,212, for a monthly goal of $16,000. Not bad for a single day of fundraising, right?

To get access to League of Maidens right now you need to become a Silver Supporter, which means spending $14.99 or more per month. As I've heard before straight from the small but committed development team, keys for League of Maidens are incredibly scarce, so this is probably one of the best options to secure a spot.

League of Maidens may not be for everyone due to its content, but it looks impressive nonetheless. It's a superhero game with a focus on female characters and crazy proportions, but you can settle for a completely normal character as well. One of the things that stand out is character customization and I'm inclined to say that this is probably one of the best systems ever designed. It features over 80 sliders for the face alone and more than 50 sliders for the body, with stunning RGB customization for every part of the character.

If you want to see more of League of Maidens besides the Patreon page, you can check the game's YouTube channel. Handle with care, of course!


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