Superhero game Undefeated is the thrill you didn’t know you wanted

Superhero game Undefeated

While you wait for a  game to replace City of Heroes, the new superhero game Undefeated might help you cope with the delay. Created by three students from Vantan Game Academy, Osaka, Undefeated is a free game where you live the life of a superhero.

In Undefeated, you can protect the city from criminals using your superpowers. Flying at breakneck speed is one of the things that your character does well, with impressive effects that really make you feel like Superman.

It's not a really deep game – you can finish it in under one hour. However, it's the pure joy of high-speed flying and the thrills of the superpowers that make Undefeat a really fun little game.

You can embark in two challenges: Destruction Challenge is where your goal is to destroy all objects; or Flight Challenge, where you need to reach the goal within the time limit. There is a boss battle way up in the air as well.

This is a truly awesome little free game that everyone should try. It could serve as the prototype for a new Superman game, and it also reminds us of the upcoming League of Maidens. Whatever it is, these three students from Japan have proved their worth and hopefully will be sought out by high-profile studios to create their first professional game. Sony and Nintendo, take notice.


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