Survarium new update adds new game mode and ‘Pixel Perfect Hit Detection’

The new Survarium update 0.42 brings a couple of big things to the online shooter from Vostok Games. We'll begin by mentioning the new game mode called Artifact Hunt, where two teams fight to acquire a rare artifact called Radiance of the Forest which spawns at a random location on the map. Delivering this artifact to your base gets you a point and the game ends when one of the teams scores five points or the timer runs out.

But more excitingly, Survarium 0.42 adds the “unlimited tickrate” technology, which allegedly results in pixel perfect hit detection. As the devs describe it, “when firing at a moving target, you only need to take bullet speed and enemy position into consideration. Previously random factors (like different pings from the players to the server) affected that, and thus the enemy positions on your PC could be different from the ones on the server. Now, if an enemy is near (so the bullet travel time is insignificant), you only need to have the enemy in your sights, and the bullets will hit the target.” This could be a true game changer, so if you're playing Survarium, let us know if it works as intended.

The update adds other things such as monthly rankings and a reworked London map, among other changes and fixes that you can read here.

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