Vehicular combat game Switchblade gets first gameplay trailer

Switchblade gameplay trailer early access

The Switchblade name brings back fond memories of beloved Commodore Amiga platformers, but now the moniker is being used for the upcoming vehicle MOBA game from Lucid Games. As we mentioned during the original announcement, this team includes people from Bizarre Creations, having worked on the Project Gotham Racing series and Blur.

Previously we only had a short description and a teaser trailer to go by, but now we finally have the first Switchblade gameplay trailer. As you can see below, we stand by our original definition, as Switchblade looks like the bastard son of Rocket League and Crossout. During Early Access, Switchblade will include 16 vehicles and the first map, Iceland. With the official release comes three more maps and four extra vehicles, to begin with.

This 5v5 game will be available on Steam Early Access and PlayStation Store (PS4) on August 28, 2018, with the plan to move out of Early Access between October and December 2018. By then, with the official launch, Switchblade will be free-to-play.

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