Switchblade’s raw gameplay shows the game just as it is

Switchblade gameplay video

If you felt disappointed and maybe even a little bit dizzy with the first Switchblade gameplay trailer, have no worries as we did a bit of searching around and discovered that this game is, in fact, already doing the rounds on YouTube for several months. So much for ‘gameplay reveals', eh?

A word of warning first; the footage is obviously old and a lot may have changed in the meantime, but comparing the old with the new makes one thing pretty clear: the style hasn't changed much. You still have the somewhat garish vehicles and towers, as well as the hub/menu where your avatar moves around. The essentials are there, with 5v5 vehicular combat and plenty of crazy weaponry.

Switchblade enters Steam Early Access on August 28, 2018, with an official release planned for late 2018.

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