Get a taste of a SMITE RPG with the Trials of King Hercules

With Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics and the now on indefinite hold SMITE Rivals, Hi-Rez proved it isn't afraid of making spin-offs based on its popular franchise. But what about a SMITE RPG or a SMITE MMORPG? Well, we're not quite there yet, but with the new SMITE update released today, players will get their first taste of a RPG Dungeon game mode with the newest SMITE Adventure “The Trials of King Hercules”.

The Trials of King Hercules plays like a classic dungeon experience from an MMO, is available to all players and you can choose your favorite from over 70 SMITE gods. This is a 3-player PvE dungeon, so picking the best combination of gods is essential. It all begins in a town hub where you can accept quests. Just like in any MMORPG, you'll earn equipable items and can purchase buffs and equipment. Bosses are waiting for you and when you unlock the hard mode you'll face the Lernaean Hydra as the final boss encounter in this adventure.

You can learn more about The Trials of King Hercules on the official page, but this patch also brings other things such as new skins and a Bacchus visual update. Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this SMITE RPG-lite.

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