TERA already is the #1 MMORPG on Steam

Just a few days after TERA launched on Steam on May 5, 2015, En Masse Entertainment has revealed that this acclaimed action MMORPG is now the most-played MMORPG on Steam, according to Maximum Concurrent User statistics for the Steam platform via Steam Charts.

The already huge TERA playerbase, which had over 17 million registered players a few months ago, exploded with the Steam release and is now with over 20 million worldwide registered players. En Masse released an infographic showing some of the impressive numbers in TERA, as well as a new trailer celebrating this feat.

TERA has seen a massive dose of important content updates since December last year, including the Fate of Arun expansion, the guild-focused update and the Gunner class introduction, among others. There's plenty more to come in the next few months, such as new dungeons.


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  • Zero F seiei

    na version not eu shame on u gameforge. …………..

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  • Lex

    Numbers of so many accounts they are proudly showing off are mostly
    dozens of accounts per eastern gold farming ring player in purpose of
    resource grind sales and trade of gold for real money.Actual real active
    player numbers are average to low in prime times now.Only after each update do players log on and stay active for few days.

    Played Tera 3 times so far, once on EU untill it became empty/dull, and two times later on in NA Server, each time not over 1 month.
    Tera is like a pretty blonde girl you’ve been wanting to date ever since you saw her, but once you do, not long passes untill you realise that there is not much to it except beauty and appearance.

    Pros are graphics, combat system pvpve , beautifull open world and partly crafting(simplicity).The only valuable update was the Vanguard System.

    Cons are repetitive quests, tasks, gameplay, crafting(doesnt impact economy much nor actual armor/weapons made that are mostly redundant)
    Gameplay is limited to semi-afking in towns doing latest dungeon over and over again for pve, or same battleground pvp ,untill you reach ~100000/100000 points needed for gear part.Than you upgrade that since its pretty much useless on its own, and upgrading it takes considerably more time than getting the gear itself.

    You need to spend thousands of dollars or months upon months to be competitive compared to other players becouse the gear power difference is huge with upgrading your gear based on bad RNG model that has no limit to how many times it can continuously fail.Aka you will never be able to fully upgrade your gear if you are out of luck.

    And, that the Open World is dead in all sense on even the most populated servers pvp wise while pve it still lingers for constant grind.
    There hasnt been any REAL content since forever ,updates are mostly cash shop based, and focus on releasing the new dungeon so that you can crash your 1year hard worked on gear becouse it becomes useless after a month or two.Story is hentai love story with stupidity on super saiyan level.

    Thread carefully, if your looking for 2 weeks worth of fun its promised, over that ,only thorns await.

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  • srw4rawe4aw

    Tera is like a virtual chat room where you go to giggle and cuddle and troll with your buddy buddies and virtual gf’s that weight 500 pounds irl, but you don’t care. And what about playing game, you ask?
    Who does that these days? haha.

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