TERA’s Arsenal update is live, adds two dungeons and gear overhaul

TERA Arsenal update

The new TERA Arsenal update is live and brings two new dungeons for level 65 players along with a big overhaul for gear progression.

The first dungeon is the Thaumetal Refinery:

“Explore the depths of the Thaumetal Refinery where the archdevans have enslaved the local goblins and forced them to mine a mysterious new ore, using the goblins as test-subjects to explore the ore’s capabilities…to monstrous results.”

The other dungeon is called RK-9 Kennel:

“RK-9 Kennel is home to a variety of big, stompy robots designed specifically to rip and tear their way through the Valkyon Federation. Players are tasked to navigate the lethal robots, dance around deadly magnetic fields, and ride a vortex on their way to the ultimate challenge: the bloodshard powered RK-9—the biggest, stompiest, and grabbiest robot of them all. Safety first in the Thaumetal Refinery, even for bosses!”

The gear progression overhaul for end-game players streamlines the process. Gear is no longer classified by tiers, and the previous system of enchanting/Masterworking/Awakening was retired. Arsenal's enchant and upgrade system features four new sets of gear. Read all the details here.


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