TERA artist reveals Project EXA artworks, has Elins in it

While it's unlikely that Korean developer Bluehole Studio is working on a TERA sequel right now, the studio is admittedly working on two major projects codenamed Project EXA and Project W. We haven't heard anything about them for some time now, but Bluehole's 3D character artist Jang Seonghwan has uploaded a few character renders of Project EXA to his ArtStation profile (thanks Steparu).

It's impossible to figure out what kind of game this will be just by looking at the awesome renders, but for some reason Elins are going to be a part of it, alongside somewhat more realistic yet kind of medieval wearing male and female characters. The setting is expected to be one of western fantasy, same as TERA, but that's how far similarities go. It seems that Project EXA will feature a new combat system, different from TERA and unseen in online games so far.

We'll keep an eye out for more Project EXA updates.



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