TERA’s Counterpunch update is all for equality with the male brawler

TERA Counterpunch update

There is nothing like equal opportunities for both genders, right? Even if we're just talking about a class in an MMORPG such as TERA.

En Masse Entertainment has announced some details on the Counterpunch update, which is planned for release on March 13. With this update comes the Male Brawler class for human males, joining the already existing human Female Brawler. There aren't any mechanical differences between the two, it's mostly a matter of unique ability animations. Ultimately it's still all about using massive powerfists and a combat rhythm to punch your enemies into oblivion. Watch the teaser below, it's quite funny for the entire 15 seconds of it.

The TERA Counterpunch update also brings a ton of new hairstyles, the Ruinous Manor makes its return in normal and hard modes, and the Battlegrounds will be receiving a new leaderboard system, so you can see how well you're doing against the competition.

To celebrate the update, En Masse will host some in-game events starting March 13:

• March 13 – March 20: Log in to receive a free character slot, bringing the total number of characters per server up to 19!
• March 13: All players logging in will receive a free temporary set of Mechanic Weapon skins, with permanent version available in the store on March 15.
• March 17 – March 18: Log in during the Weekend Warriors Event for a free special lootbox. That’s it, no strings attached!
• March 13 – April 10: Male brawlers created and logged into during this time will receive one free ‘level up box’. The box will contain helpful items for new brawlers including experience boosts, elite status vouchers, free mounts and more!

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