TERA announces Dark Reaches update, brings remaining Apex content

TERA Dark Reaches update Apex content

Another month, another new TERA expansion is in the works. Quite impressive for a game that was released in 2012 in North America and Europe. Titled Dark Reaches, this update will release on October 16, 2018 on PC and will focus on the Apex skills.

Dark Reaches will add the Apex skills for the remaining classes, unlocking their entire potential. The promo page is already live but is still a bit cryptic, as all the details will be slowly unveiled – first on October 2, and then on October 9. However, to fully enjoy the potential of your character, you have to prepare him for what is coming – the Apex missions and new skills. To do so, there's a multi-stage Reach Your Apex event beginning today and running until the Dark Reaches update launches on October 16.

As you level up, you get rewards for all classes to spend along the way, with a full set of Twistshard gear waiting for you at level 65. After that you have two more stages for level 65 players starting over the next few weeks, until the release of the Dark Reaches update.

Recently, TERA went through a server merge on PC, so this should be the perfect time to team up and level up that character.

TERA Dark Reaches update Apex content

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