TERA getting ‘gun-toting class’ and sky castles in 2015

After the 2014 celebration video, En Masse is promising big things for TERA during 2015. The most interesting one is, ironically, only worthy of a footnote (for now): the addition of “a new, (very big) gun-toting class”, which we would bet is the Arcane Engineer, which was added to the Korean TERA in December 2014. You can check some of her gameplay in our exclusive video below, as well as the character creation.

But there's more! Way before the new character, TERA will be getting in February stuff like sky castles with guild versus guild (“What’s better than storming a castle? Having a castle of your own, in the sky!”), a new instance (Sky Cruiser Endeavor), and the 5v5 version of Champions’ Skyring. The team also plans to improve the interaction with the community and more frequent smaller-scale events.


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