TERA goes berserk with today’s update

En Masse is inviting players to Go Berserk with the new TERA patch, which adds plenty of new content, as well as the ability for Berserkers to go all tank on their enemies. Tier 7 gear has arrived in TERA, there's a 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters (Vault of Kaprima), the Gridiron is a 15 vs 15 PvP battleground with a Team deathmatch structure, Akeron’s Inferno is a 10-player raid dungeon for level 65 players with both normal and hard modes with 4 bosses, Timescape is a 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters also with normal and hard modes, and… now we take a breath because that is a great deal of content already. But there's more!

One of the new features is the Dressing Room, that allows you to try any cosmetic item available in the TERA store, including weapons skins, mounts, pets, and even those super-rare costumes. Here's a video giving you a taste.

As is usually the case, TERA is getting a great content update and we're already wondering when the next is coming. We're especially curious about the upcoming new class for the Korea server, which shouldn't take long to launch in the NA servers – maybe during the fall?

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  • Lex

    Tera gets a 6.5/10 on my scale
    Solid graphics for an older mmo, fluid combat, fun to play, for few weeks, but than grind cuts in.
    Pros:Action Combat, Graphics, Dungeons
    Cons:Repetitive quests, no diversity or events, crafting is lineage lvl difficult, could get you stuck for 1-2years untill you get Best in Slot gear, godlike grindy, repetitive gameplay, focus only on one newest dungeon and one arena, no balance-in anything except maybe one pvp arena, gear handicap- there is no way of competetive pvp when gear has 85% of the impact on damage dealt/recieved
    constant gear/grind updates-once you get good gear as normal player, an update releases new gear.90% of the updates are gear related so that players are stuck in a loop of gear grind permanently.Open world is dead, players afk in city zones.
    Many more things that threw me away from the game but mostly related to balance and enchanting system that quite possibly can make you play the game for years just to be able to make one piece of gear and bottleneck all your actions towards that goal, otherwise you will be useless with lower tier gear.

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