Hero’s Oath update is now live for TERA on PC

The latest update for TERA is now live on PC. Hero’s Oath is the name and it comes right at the end of a month of events celebrating TERA's sixth anniversary in North America.

A new dungeon called Antaroth’s Abyss is the highlight of the update. Designed for players with level 65 characters, powerful gear and an average item level of 446, this dungeon comes in normal and hard difficulties. Three devastating bosses are waiting for you: Ghergof, Kalioth, and Antaroth. If you complete the Antaroth's Abyss in hard difficulty, you have the chance to drop one of four variants of the Infinity Mask, each of which will increase your Endurance by +3, along with other combat stats.

Dungeon leaderboards were also added with this update, featuring Antaroth's Abyss (Hard Mode) and Pit of Petrax.

You can read more about TERA's Hero's Oath update here.

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