TERA Korea: new Elin class is coming

Later this month the Elin race is going to get a new class, Nexon has just announced. The new trailer shows how this cute ninja sort of class is going to wreak havoc in TERA Korea and highly likely later this year in North America and Europe. She looks good, moves fast, has plenty of lightning attacks and the bunny ninja look from the trailer is just adorable.

This new Elin class, whose name remains to be translated, will release in the Korean TERA servers on January 26. The latest update to the game introduced open world flight and at this rate, it looks like 2016 is going to bring a lot of stuff to TERA.

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  • Eduardo Marchant

    Lol another female only class? oO

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    • Darko Gajic

      FanService at its finest.

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  • Lex

    I liked tera when it begun, it was a ride.

    But than something clicked,
    cash shop expanded towards p2w,
    and game community structure drastically changed,

    in a way,

    that the more perverts and hentai fans were playing the game
    the more
    near-naked perverted costumes for children publisher released

    and it complemented, growing into a large, twisted hentai paradise.
    Take lvl 65 campaign, i mean ,tentacles, and loli, and more tentacles.

    I’ve played it, i know, everyone who played it noticed it.

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    • killertron .

      All you said is a little true, except the pw2 part, we all know that tera is one of the f2p that is far from be p2w.
      Also, you forgot to say how unbalanced some classes are right now, just look at the brawler, a tank who can just do more damage than the entire party(i hope the nerfs come soon).

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      • Lex

        Yes ,new classes came overpowerfull, the game is not balanced as it once was, mostly to sell costumes for new classes in cash shop.
        Liberation and Awakening is still very much p2w mechanic.
        Doesnt mean you cant enjoy the game ,you just wont be in top 10% of players if you dont use cash shop.

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  • Martin Ivanov

    😀 i expected that. Another gender locked shit but this time pedophile genderlocked like the reaper

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  • 志々雄 真実

    Meh the Unreal Engine 3 is showing its age. Just want Bluehole Studio for give us TERA 2.

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