TERA: Lakan’s Fury expansion is live with two end-game dungeons

Just as promised, the TERA: Lakan's Fury update has just been unleashed today, adding two end-game dungeons to a game that keeps on getting content at a very enjoyable rate. The dungeons are The Pit of Petrax and Velik's Sanctuary hard mode.

The Pit of Petrax is a solo dungeon for players of level 65 and above, with the boss being fangspawn Petrax. As for Velik's Sanctuary new hard mode, it's recommended for five players of level 65 and above and features four bosses: Nightmare Revived Darkan, Nightmare Revived Dakuryon, Nightmare Mutated Perimos and Nightmare Lakan.

This isn't the biggest expansion that TERA has received, but the Velik's Sanctuary hard mode will surely give you quite a challenge.


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