TERA Lakan’s Fury update will be unleashed on June 6

The latest update for En Masse Entertainment's action MMORPG TERA will be unleashed on June 6. Lakan’s Fury will bring two more end-game dungeons to this game: Pit of Petrax and a hard mode version of Velik's Sanctuary.

The new dungeon Pit of Petrax is a four-star difficulty dungeon for solo players in need of an additional challenge. This dungeon will reward players with top-end accessories if they manage to fend off the fangspawn Petrax. As for the other dungeon, this is a five-star difficulty dungeon with four challenging bosses: Nightmare Revived Darkan, Nightmare Revived Darkuryon, Nightmare Mutated Perimos and Nightmare Lakan, the evil reptilian god who is seeking revenge on his cousin, the Goddess Velik.

For more info on Lakan's Fury check the official page and the announcement trailer below.


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