TERA: Major update to Fate of Arun launches today

Today marks the release of a major update for TERA: Fate of Arun, which brings a Skycastle Guild Housing System, Guild Competition Crusade System, new 5-player dungeons including the the Sky Cruiser Endeavor dungeon, a 5v5 PvP arena (Champions’ Skyring) and plenty more guild-centered activities and rewards. A new trailer was released to celebrate the update going live, telling the story of sad panda Daniel, who became much happier by joining a guild, having his new friends kick enemy butt for him and ultimately earn a nice, beautiful Skycastle.

Skycastles are customizable abodes hovering over two of the games major cities. Guilds compete for ownership of these prestigious symbols in the new “Crusade” system, which pits guilds against each other in leagues for both PvP and PvE content. The top 10 guilds in each league earn one of these impressive palaces for the duration of the next Crusade, which lasts four weeks.

Besides the new Sky Cruiser Endeavor dungeon, where players take to the skies to recapture the Valkyon Federation’s most advanced airship from enemies that have turned it against them, there's also an updated hard mode of the popular underwater dungeon, Bathysmal Rise. The patch notes were released just a few hours ago.

TERA currently has over 17 million registered users and is still one of the top MMORPGs around the world.


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