TERA mentions new class, talks team members

October's TERA producer letter from Treeshark is covering the changes in the TERA team, mostly the depart of Tonka and Minea from the community team and the hiring of new community manager team lead Donna “Danicia” Prior, whose previous work includes Pirates of the Burning, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 and more. Chris Lye also joins the TERA team as director of product management for the game this year.

The last paragraph of the letter mentions “ome great things coming up in the next few months”, with the biggest one being the upcoming class that is coming with the next content update. En Masse already previously revealed that this class is the Brawler, and here was her description at the time:

“The Brawler – a melee tank that uses her fists. The brawler will be a human female class that starts at level 1. Her primary weapon will be her powerfists – powered gauntlets to help her dish the damage and attract all the danger nearby. Coming along with the brawler will be a new set of top gear, which will combine PvE and PvP sets into a unified set of gear for players to use.”


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