TERA Miniguns update is live with Elin Gunner and footsteps

Elin Gunner class

That's right, footsteps – TERA‘s Miniguns update includes a cosmetic item that allows your character to leave some “so cute you'll puke” footsteps. You can watch it in the third video below.

But now on to more serious things: the Elin Gunner class is here, so if you're a fan of small girls with huge cannons, this is going to be your favorite class. An Elin Gunner-themed leveling event is also in the cards, as well as special log-in rewards each weekend in December.

There's a bonus for you as well: all players will receive a free additional character slot when they log into TERA before December 8. This means that if all your slots are full, you can create the Elin Gunner without trouble after all. I should also mention the addition of a hard mode for the RK-9 Kennel dungeon.

If you want to know everything about TERA's Miniguns update, head over to the mini-page.


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