There’s something fishy with TERA’s new expansion BAF Masters

TERA new expansion BAF Masters

That headline was bait. In fact, this entire post is filled with bait, as TERA‘s next expansion and the last one for 2018 wants you to go fishing.

TERA's next content update is called BAF Masters and arrives on December 11. Fishing comes to TERA, so you have to cast the fishing line to catch those BAFs (Big Ass Fish, another pun in the line of the BAMs, or Big Ass Monsters. There's a new questline for level 65 players who are able to join the Fishing Association to catch, prepare, and cook twelve grades of fish. You can also sell your fish to the Association Fishmongers or Federation Resource Managers for gold or Metamorphic Emblems.

There is more to this fish-themed expansion, as you can read on the official BAF Masters page.

TERA new expansion BAF Masters

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