TERA: new trailer teases upcoming Sky Cruiser dungeon

TERA is getting a lot of content really soon with the new update and the Sky Cruiser Endeavor dungeon is just a part of it. En Masse Entertainment has released a new trailer showing this new dungeon as well as the bosses that will get on your nerves. Here is the official boss breakdown taken from the official website:

Putrion: This terrifying construct uses a combination of status attacks and terrain management to wipe out the unwary. Does your team have what it takes to advance?

Perimos: Another demokron lord, you’ll need to pay close attention to both where it's standing and what it's got in its hands. Sort of…

Darkan: One of the dark god Lakan's most powerful servants, Darkan is here to make sure your mission fails. Not only is he a powerful combatant, but no true servant of Lakan ever fights alone…or without some measure of divine power.

This update, which is planned for February 24 will also bring Sky Castles and has a strong guild focus. Later this year, a new ‘gun-toting class' is going to be introduced and our money is on the Arcane Engineer.


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