TERA: new update releases today, adds Broken Prison dungeon

Today is the day when a new TERA update hits the servers and the highlight is the new dungeon called The Broken Prison, a 5-person, level 65 dungeon that takes players into Lakan's Prison to investigate some mysterious activity… and a possible escape. You'll face three huge bosses in this dungeon, which you can see below: Gorgoth, Molek, Balbatos.

Here's the story behind the Broken Prison:

“The world of TERA is dotted with captive gods, imprisoned for their crimes against mortals and the other gods. The most despicable among these is Lakan, whose prison under Oblivion Woods has begun to show signs of mysterious activity. Someone or something is attempting to infiltrate the prison and free Lakan… and it is up to you to stop them.”

The patch also brings a few updates and refinements to the Harrowhold raid and level 65 quests. You can read the full patch notes to know more.


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