TERA is merging PC servers for the greater good of the community

TERA PC servers

TERA has been around for a few years and it is quite normal that it has to go through the server merging process, as many other MMORPGs do. After a recent console server merge, now it's time for the North American PC community to face the changes. En Masse has announced that the date for the server merge is September 18, and it will provide more grouping opportunities, faster dungeon and PvP queues and a more bustling in-game economy for traders.

The existing servers will merge and result in three new servers: Mount Tyrannas and Fey Forest will merge to become a new (PVP65) server; Ascension Valley and Tempest Reach will merge to become a new (PVE) server; and Celestial Hills will remain its own separate (PVE) RP server. TERA players don't need to be worried about the fate of their characters, as En Masse will open free character transfers between server types (from September 4 – 17) to make sure everyone is safe. As for the rest of the info such as guild, friends list and more, this will be automatically copied to the new server.

You can read the server merge FAQ the clear the rest of your doubts.

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