TERA runs three more summer events, includes betting on a BAM

If you crave more summer fun in TERA, you should be glad to learn that three more events are already underway, having started yesterday and running until September 20, 2016: Bamarama, Rootstock and Pond Faire. All of them are absolutely crazy.

In Bamarama, for example, you can satiate your betting thirst – players get to bet on which of two BAMs will win in a head-to-head matchup. Rootstock offers you some daily event quests including Kick-Bale, the Pigling Rodeo, food, drink, and more. Pond Faire is aimed at players of level 18 and higher, who will be transformed into seven years old baba (baby) tuwangis, to play Drum Away or Hide and Seek and participate in daily quests.

Weird stuff, but we're convinced it's the good, fun kind of weird.

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