TERA’s Fang and Feather update is live, revamps archer class

The Fang and Feather update for TERA is now live – the last update of 2016 for a decidedly rich year in TERA's history. With more than 25 million registered users worldwide, TERA's newest update continues the trend of revamping the classes, with the Archer class following the Sorcerer, with new skills and new mechanics.

However, the highlight of the Fang and Feather update is Harrowhold, a hard-as-nails new 30-player raid dungeon for level 65 characters that pits them against several dragon bosses, ending with an epic showdown with the Dragonsire, Vergos. Finally, there's the return of some fan-favorites, including the return of Dreamstorm world event, as well as open-world guild-versus-guild battles.


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