TERA’s Fiery Featherweights update brings the Elin Brawler in November

TERA's Fiery Featherweights update Elin Brawler

They may be small, but they surely pack quite a punch. The Elin Brawler is coming to TERA with the Fiery Featherweights update, scheduled for a November 13 release on PC.

TERA's Fiery Featherweights update also brings an Enhancement Point skill specialization system, allowing level 65 players to improve their stats and skills. Earned Enhancement Points may be applied to each character on the same server and account individually, allowing every character on that server to benefit from your progress – almost sounds like an on-the-fly character switch system, like the one that we have on Skyforge.

Finally, a new level 65 dungeon appears. Bahaar’s Sanctum is the name and a full party of five is absolutely recommended for this dungeon.

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