TERA’s The Guilded Age update launches soon, brings Flying Dragon Mounts

The Guilded Age update is coming to TERA on September 20, 2016, En Masse has announced. This update is focused on guilds and brings changes to Guild Quests, Guild Levels, and Guild Skills. Guilds can now undertake quests as a guild, with each member’s successes contributing to the overall goal.

The update also brings the Civil Unrest: Velika, an all-new style of guild-versus-guild battles. Any guild is eligible to participate in this weekly event by building a tower somewhere in the Velika Conflict Zone. When the event ends, the guild that owns the last Guild Tower standing wins. Flying Dragon Mounts are coming to TERA in four color schemes (Iron, Crimson, Ghost, and Diamond) and in both regular and royal varieties, with different features and abilities.

You can read more about The Guilded Age expansion here.

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