TERA’s Knockout update is live, Brawler class included


The anticipated Brawler class for TERA is finally available starting today with the Knockout update, En Masse has announced. This “Ass-Kicking Character Class” (official description, not our words) is a tank class wields massive powerfists capable of delivering devastating melee blows to BAMs. You can check all her details here, including her skills and origin.

But there's more to the Knockout update than this, it also brings two new level 65 dungeons: Kalivan’s Dreadnaught, a huge pirate ship infested with BAMs and bosses) and Forsaken Island, a haunted isle with some of the toughest bosses in the game, where they can earn materials for crafting tier 9 Starfall weapons and armor. There are also two new sets of endgame armor: the Tier 8 Dreadnaught set and the Tier 9 Starfall set.

Players who log into TERA now will get in on the “Brace for Impact” release event, running from November 24 through January 12, 2016, where they can earn brawler-themed prizes, including a free mount, if they complete some exclusive event achievements.

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  • LightGod

    I played Tera today but when is the brawler class?!

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    • Kotaki

      Brawler class is out now.

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  • Kotaki

    Fun update.

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  • Lex

    The game is ok, fun at times, grind at others, with interesting maps and dungeons.

    Enchanting though, will milk you of all your money, and i do mean, all your money.

    If you wanted to play a Free to play game, this is not prime material, its as “good” as Archeage about now, balance wise.

    By playing it actively for about 2 weeks you should burn through most of its content and see for yourself, enchanting is another 98 weeks 🙂

    Oh ,and by the way, if you think you can be competetive with anything but Top notch gear, better think again.

    Guild Wars 2 has FAR surpassed this in almost every aspect as themepark.

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  • Xerxes Greysnow

    The biggest pain in the ass game I’ve ever played. No, I’m not saying its not entertaining or that there is any problem with the gameplay. The only true problem with this game is that you can spend up to half a year playing to make your freaking end game armor and weapon just to be told that a new set has been created.

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